cropped-tunnelfalls.jpeg    We serve the regions of NW Oregon and Northern Wisconsin


Our mission here at Learn Nature Skills is to help you, your family, or your organization deepen your connection with wild nature.  No matter what your interests or background, we offer knowledge and skills to make your experience in nature richer and deeper.  We have scheduled classes, but can also customize workshops to the time, location, and content that will be most effective for you.  Feel free to look through the workshop descriptions described on the Courses page, or to contact us with your ideas for the custom workshop you are looking for. 

    We also offer unstructured guided natural history walks to learn about the plants and animals where you live, and to improve your awareness and observational skills.  The most effective learning comes from your interest in what’s around you right now, especially for kids.  We are especially interested in making nature experiences and learning more accessible and productive for kids and families.  So get in touch soon, and lets find out what we can share in wild nature. 



More aware and observant in nature


More comfortable and at home in nature


A better birdwatcher, tracker, photographer, or illustrator


A more confident wilderness explorer


A more successful forager or homesteader


A better guide for your children in nature